Our Commitment to Continued Education in Neuromuscular Medicine

Austin Neuromuscular Center remains committed to research and education surrounding neuromuscular medicine as we care for our patients and help them manage their conditions. At a recent conference for neuromuscular neurologists and other clinicians, our team saw that educational emphasis come full circle.

Our neuromuscular neurologists, Dr. Yessar Hussain and Dr. Hannah Machemehl, attended the Carrell Krusen Neuromuscular Symposium in Dallas, a clinical education program for providers caring for and diagnosing patients with rare and complex neuromuscular diseases. It also provided neurology residents the opportunity to take part in case-based presentations and poster sessions as part of their academic pursuits. One of those neurology residents was Dr. Jamil Numan, who worked as a research assistant in our clinical research department for more than one year while waiting to begin his residency at the Marshall School of Medicine in West Virginia. Now in the first year of his neurology residency, he was reunited with Dr. Hussain at the Symposium for a poster presentation about some of their work done together at ANC.

“Dr. Numan worked alongside our research team and patients involved in clinical trials we have ongoing at ANC,” says neuromuscular neurologist Dr. Yessar Hussain. “It was wonderful to see him again and present a case with him. He is just one example of our commitment to looking at the future of neuromuscular medicine care, education, and research.”

Educational Collaboration Adds to Our Clinical Practice

Several University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School residents also presented ANC cases in collaboration with our neurologists. The case presentations included discussions about physical diagnosis, disease management, and new therapies. We are a teaching site for the Dell Medical School and often have residents and students on rotations in our Austin neuromuscular clinic.

Our team attends several conferences like this annually to collaborate with others in neuromuscular medicine and research. The experiences enhance our current patient care and keep us focused on the future of treatment.

“The conference is a rich opportunity to engage with experts in neuromuscular medicine and share our experiences as well as learn from others, so that we can bring these collaborations to our own clinical practices,” says neuromuscular neurologist Dr. Hannah Machemehl.

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