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Austin Neuromuscular Center was established in 2015 as a premier comprehensive Neuromuscular center. Our team provides expertise in neuromuscular and electrodiagnostic medicine. Our center is equipped with complete diagnostic tools needed to cover the breadth of neuromuscular diseases.

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Research Center

Clinical Services

We provide a multi-disciplinary and comprehensive approach to the diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular diseases.

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Infusion Suite

Infusion Center

Our in-office infusion center allows us to closely monitor clinical outcomes, treatment adherence, and the occurrence of adverse effects.

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Autonomic Testing

Pathology Services

Our onsite neuromuscular pathology lab is both CAP and CLIA certified and offers advanced diagnostic services.

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Pathology Lab

Research & Trials

National Neuromuscular Research Institute, PLLC is a center of excellence committed to research and clinical advancement for neuromuscular diseases.

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What is a Neuromuscular disorder?

Neuromuscular disorders are diseases that affect the muscles and/or the nerves.  These diseases can affect individuals of any age and are often progressive, in some cases even fatal.  Symptoms can be muscle weakness, paralysis, respiratory distress, and intractable pain.  Quality of life for those diagnosed as well as their loved ones may be altered dramatically.

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