Exciting ANC 2023 Practice Updates

ANC launched the National Neuromuscular Research Institute (NNRI)

We are proud to be one of the biggest neuromuscular research sites in the country. National Neuromuscular Research Institute (NNRI) has launched, and we have several currently enrolling studies for a variety of neuromuscular diseases, click here for a list of our currently enrolling studies.

ANC’s Neuromuscular Pathology Lab

Our onsite CAP and CLIA certified pathology lab is state of the art. Outside muscle, nerve, and skin biopsy specimens may be sent to the lab at Austin Neuromuscular Center for staining and interpretation. Click here for pathology information.

ALS Clinic

Every first and third Tuesday of the month, we conduct a multi-disciplinary ALS clinic providing comprehensive care to our ALS patients. Please click here formore information on our ALS clinic.